Introducing Me: Blog Creator, Marin Gier

One of my many bookshelves, lol. #bibliophile

Hello there! Welcome to my blog. I generally go by Mar and I like books, cats, and sitting under a cozy fleece blanket laughing at something stupid. I started this blog because I like talking about literature and stuff, but I also started it because I want to put myself out there.

I really wanna be a published author. Like, it’s been my dream since I was seven years old in Mrs. Fessler’s second grade class, watching (and listening to) her read another student’s book that she had written, illustrated, and binded with her dad. I saw that and was like “I want that!” And I’ve never stopped wanting it almost twenty years later.

Anyway, that’s my backstory. I also wanna talk about other things too, involved with books in some way. I’m a big reader, so a lot of this blog is going to be about books. I’m also going to be posting stuff about writing, be it advice or stuff I’ve learned during my journey to be an author.

So, talking books specifically, I think what I’m going to be posting about them will be a few different kind of things. Probably book reviews, book series reviews, plot / character discussions, book rants, genre analysis, and maybe some other stuff related to books or writing in some form or another that I’ll randomly think up at some point. Oh, and they’ll probably be like Top 5 lists and the like, too.

So, I guess anyone reading this can go ahead and look forward to the great unknown because my brain is a bottomless pit of weird (and dumb) ideas.

So, uhhh… See you later? (Hopefully?) 🙂 ~ Mar

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