Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/13 – 3/19

Sooo, I’m super satisfied with everything that I was able to post last week. It honestly felt a little exhilarating posting five different days again. I’m so happy with myself.

But enough of me gushing about my productivity. Let’s go over last week’s posts!

Monday 3/13: Majestic Monday #11

Last Monday, I finally got around to posting another Majestic Monday. I know that I said that I’d be posting it weekly a couple weeks before, but sometimes life happens.

My Majestic Monday post from 3/13.

Tuesday 3/14: Pi Day

I didn’t actually post anything on this day. I just like Pi Day, and believe that it deserves to be acknowledged. That is all.

Wednesday 3/15: March 2023 Birthstone Book Covers

On Wednesday, I decided to throw in my lot for Leslie from Books Are the New Black’s wonderful Birthstone Book Covers. This month is March (obviously) so the birthstone was aquamarine. So the book cover color to pick was… aquamarine. (Easy month, lol.)

My Birthstone Book Covers post from last Wednesday.

Thursday 3/16: A Thousand Steps into Night Review

A Thousand Steps into Night by Traci Chee

Thursday is when I finally got around to posting my review for A Thousand Steps into Night by Traci Chee. It was a perfectly fine book. I gave it ★★✫☆☆.

My full review of A Thousand Steps into Night.

Friday 3/17: First Line Friday #7 / St. Patrick’s Day

On Friday, I did another First Line Friday. First Line Fridays are a weekly feature formerly hosted by Wandering Words, but is something that I saw over at One Book More.

And it was also St. Patrick’s Day!! ☘️🇮🇪💚🍻

My First Line Friday post from a few days ago.

Sunday 3/19: Timekeeper Review

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

Yesterday, I posted another retrospective book review. (It’s a thing where I go over a book I read before I started this blog and see if I still like it. Or hate it.) This time it was on Timekeeper by Tara Sim. I gave it ★★★★☆.

My entire Timekeeper review.

Goals for 3/20 – 3/26

Once again, I don’t really have any other goal than to post at least as much as last week. So yeah, still nothing fancy, but it’s still what I’m able to do at the moment.

Annnd that should tie everything out in a nice little bow. As always, thank you so much to everyone for reading, and have a fantastic day/night

See ya ~Mar

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