Birthstone Book Covers: July 2023

It’s earlier in the month again! Yay! When I find the time to post this by the halfway point in the month, I get all excited, cuz I feel like I’m keeping a pace with my blogging. So here I am, with my birthstone book picks of June 2023.

Leslie @ Books Are the New Black created a fun monthly post called Birthstone Book Covers. Each month, she features book covers that are either the same color of that month’s birthstone or include the color in the title.

July has one birthstone – Ruby.


📚 Mention the creator (Leslie @ Books Are The New Black) and link back to her so she can check out your post.
📚 Pick 5+ book covers that match the current month’s Birthstone.
📚 Nominate people if you want!

Thank you so much for reading, and have a fabulous day/night!

See ya ~Mar

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