Majestic Mondays – Where We Admire Pretty Book Covers #1: Lore Olympus

Yes, I understand that by the time this comes out, it will no longer be Monday, and that this is not the way to start a new series. All I have to say to that is: pssh, semantics! (In all honesty, this past weekend was unexpectedly more busy than I thought it would be, and stuff came up, making me a little behind on my posts.)

Anyway, Majestic Mondays was born out of one of my favorite activities to kill time: looking at pretty covers on the Kindle app when I don’t know what to read next/am bored. There’s just so many nice looking ones out there!

And yeah, of course there are, having a good cover is important when trying to get your book to sell and stand out. But the covers I’m gonna pick for this series are the ones that stood out to me in particular; the ones that I thought were the prettiest, and the ones that I want to share with everyone.

So yeah, we’re doing this. And for the first week…

…I’m bringing to attention, Lore Olympus by Rachel Smythe.

(*cough* Published by Random House Worlds on November 2, 2021 *cough*)

Now this book has an eye-catching cover! But it is a graphic novel, so it’s really no surprise. You gotta have good writing and good art for those, after all.

But I absolutely love the colors and the contrast between the pinks and blues. I love how the natural beauty of the fields of flowers that Persephone(?) rides through on the bottom half, is diametrically opposed to the cold, blue, modern-looking skyscrapers (of the Underworld?), dangling upside-down like teeth, as if they’re attempting to eat Persephone and the field. But it also acts as a mirror, as Persephone runs freely, and Hades(?) stands there at the top, alone and immobile.

And the title’s font is absolutely gorgeous. I love the twisting, curls of the letters, and how it’s placed over where the skies above Persephone and Hades meet.

*cough* Did I mention that I love (over)analyzing book covers too? And that’s the reason why I like some of the pretty ones?

Now, if it wasn’t obvious by all of the question marks in parentheses above, I have read this book (yet). But I kind of want to already, just from the cover’s design. It’s both eye-catching and beautiful. And the book’s synopsis makes the retelling of Hades and Persephone within, sound very intriguing:

Persephone, young goddess of spring, is new to Olympus. Her mother, Demeter, has raised her in the mortal realm, but after Persephone promises to train as a sacred virgin, she’s allowed to live in the fast-moving, glamorous world of the gods. When her roommate, Artemis, takes her to a party, her entire life changes: she ends up meeting Hades and feels an immediate spark with the charming yet misunderstood ruler of the Underworld. Now Persephone must navigate the confusing politics and relationships that rule Olympus, while also figuring out her own place—and her own power.

It just sounds sooo good! This is totally going on my TRR, haha. It already feels like a graphic novel, Greek myth retelling in the vein of a Marissa Meyer book. Which are some of the kinds of retellings I love, by the way. So yeah, probably reading this one before the end of the year.

I should also definitely mention that the covers for the other volumes in this series are also extremely beautiful. They all have that pink and blue duology going on that makes them all just pop! It’s really no surprise that the internet has (apparently) gone ga-ga over this series. Here’s to the first Majestic Mondays!

Have you read this book already? Did you think it was as good as the internet claims it is? Do you like the art style? Thanks for tuning in, and have a fantastic day/night!