Majestic Monday #6: A Coup of Tea, Kingdom of Copper, Echo North

It’s been a while, since the last time we looked at pretty book covers. Four weeks – nearly a month.

That’s unacceptable. (Lol.)

It’s time to once again celebrate majestic book covers on Monday. I promise I didn’t forget or drop this weekly… thing. I just got ridiculously busy during the second half of December because of the holidays. But, as I said, it’s been more than long enough – it’s time for another Majestic Monday!

This week, the three book covers I’m highlighting are: A Coup of Tea by Casey Blair, The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty, and Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer.

(NOTE: The pictures of the book covers and the headings beneath each one are linked to the books’ Goodreads pages if you want to check them out for yourselves. They are not affiliate links, or anything of the like. I just wanted to make it easier for those interested to check out the books that I highlight on the blog. Also, Majestic Monday is not a post series encouraging you to only read/buy books based on pretty covers – I just wanted to show of book covers that I think are pretty great.)

A Coup of Tea by Casey Blair

Series: Tea Princess Chronicles (Book #1)

Length: 402 pages

Genre: Gaslamp Fantasy, New Adult

Release Date: August 2, 2022

Book Description

When the fourth princess of Istalam is due to dedicate herself to a path serving the crown, she makes a choice that shocks everyone, herself most of all: She leaves.

In hiding and exiled from power, Miyara finds her place running a tea shop in a struggling community that sits on the edge of a magical disaster zone. But there’s more brewing under the surface of this city—hidden magic, and hidden machinations—that threaten all the people who’ve helped her make her own way.

Miyara may not be a princess anymore, but with a teapot in hand she’ll risk her newfound freedom to discover a more meaningful kind of power.

A Coup of Tea is the first book of the Tea Princess Chronicles, a cozy fantasy series full of magic tea, friendship, and lifting people up even when the odds seem impossible.

Cover Rating: ★★★✯☆ • 3.5 / 5 stars

☕ I love the colors

☕ I love how the mist and steam floating around the teapot look magical, it really fits the theme of the novel

☕ I really like how the glow of the fireplace in the background looks as a backdrop to the teapot

☕ The swirls on the teapot are really pretty

The Kingdom of Copper by S.A. Chakraborty

Series: The Daevabad Trilogy (Book #2)

Length: 640 pages

Genre: Historical Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

Release Date: January 22, 2019

Book Description

Nahri’s life changed forever the moment she accidentally summoned Dara, a formidable, mysterious djinn, during one of her schemes. Whisked from her home in Cairo, she was thrust into the dazzling royal court of Daevabad—and quickly discovered she would need all her grifter instincts to survive there.

Now, with Daevabad entrenched in the dark aftermath of a devastating battle, Nahri must forge a new path for herself. But even as she embraces her heritage and the power it holds, she knows she’s been trapped in a gilded cage, watched by a king who rules from the throne that once belonged to her family—and one misstep will doom her tribe…

Meanwhile, Ali has been exiled for daring to defy his father. Hunted by assassins, adrift on the unforgiving copper sands of his ancestral land, he is forced to rely on the frightening abilities the marid—the unpredictable water spirits—have gifted him. But in doing so, he threatens to unearth a terrible secret his family has long kept buried.

And as a new century approaches and the djinn gather within Daevabad’s towering brass walls for celebrations, a threat brews unseen in the desolate north. It’s a force that would bring a storm of fire straight to the city’s gates… and one that seeks the aid of a warrior trapped between worlds, torn between a violent duty he can never escape and a peace he fears he will never deserve.

Cover Rating: ★★★★☆ • 4 / 5 stars

🏺 I love the blue and orange contrast of the city in the background, as well as how it resembles copper

🏺 I love the blue light shining down through the middle of the cover behind the title, and how it transforms into water (the ocean?) at the bottom

🏺 I really like the contrast between the natural beach on the bottom part of the cover versus the artificialness of the city covering the majority of the cover

Echo North by Joanna Ruth Meyer

Series: Echo North (Book #1)

Length: 403 pages

Genre: Fantasy, Fairytale/Folklore, YA

Release Date: January 15, 2019

Book Description

Echo Alkaev’s safe and carefully structured world falls apart when her father leaves for the city and mysteriously disappears. Believing he is lost forever, Echo is shocked to find him half-frozen in the winter forest six months later, guarded by a strange talking wolf—the same creature who attacked her as a child. The wolf presents Echo with an ultimatum: if she lives with him for one year, he will ensure her father makes it home safely. But there is more to the wolf than Echo realizes.

In his enchanted house beneath a mountain, each room must be sewn together to keep the home from unraveling, and something new and dark and strange lies behind every door. When centuries-old secrets unfold, Echo discovers a magical library full of books- turned-mirrors, and a young man named Hal who is trapped inside of them. As the year ticks by, the rooms begin to disappear and Echo must solve the mystery of the wolf’s enchantment before her time is up otherwise Echo, the wolf, and Hal will be lost forever.

Cover Rating: ★★★✯☆ • 3.5 / 5 stars

🐺 I adore the contrast of the white on royal blue, and how it’s just the two colors on the cover; it really makes both colors stand out a lot

🐺 I love how the wolves near the top of the cover, and the points of the compass and book below almost appear like old carvings

🐺 I really, really like the way the trees are drawn on the cover and how they almost appear to be overtaking it