Weekly Wrap-Up: 1/9 – 1/15

Two weeks in a row! Haha! The beginning of the world’s smallest streak!

In all seriousness, welcome back to another Weekly Wrap-Up. I said that it was coming back, and I’ve kept my promise (so far)! This week, my blogging has been pretty good. It was better than most of December, so honestly, I’ll count that as progress. Now, let’s get into the posting.

Monday 1/9: The Return of Weekly Wrap-Ups

Normally, I wouldn’t acknowledge a Weekly Wrap-Up during a Weekly Wrap-Up. But since I wasn’t doing it for nearly a month, I felt that it was notable enough to be here, just this once.

If you haven’t been around for awhile and want to catch up, or if you’re new here, then you can easily check out the last week’s Weekly Wrap-Up here.

Tuesday 1/10: Birthstone Book Covers

It’s a new month, and with every new month comes a new Birthstone Book Covers. Birthstone Book Covers is an awesome book thing created and hosted by Leslie @ Books Are the New Black. This month, I once again chose five books of the five book minimum that featured the color of this month’s birthstone. You can check out my January 2023 post here.

Thursday 1/12: Shelf Control #8

On Thursday morning, technically a few hours over the deadline, I posted another Shelf Control. Shelf Control is an original series created and hosted by Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies. This week, I highlighted a contemporary fiction story for once: Instructions for a Secondhand Heart by Tamsyn Murray. It’s one that I’ve had for a few years, but have never read. You can read my entire post about it here.

Friday 1/13: Unraveller Review (and Friday the 13th)

On Friday, I finally did another book review. It’s been far too long (about three weeks) since the last one I posted – and since the last book I finished, ew – and I finally got over the holidays and back on my game.

The first book that I read and finished this year was Unraveller by Frances Hardinge. It’s a wonderfully gruesome, dark fantasy about a boy who can unravel the very fabric of curses, who is on a quest with a former curse victim that he freed to break his own curse. You can read my full review here, if you’re interested.

Sunday 1/15: Red Winter Retrospective Review

Finally, on Sunday I did a retrospective book review. It’d been basically a month (to the day actually!) since my last Reading Retrospective, so another was more than overdue. (Just like Weekly Wrap-Ups. Haha?)

This time I retrospectively reviewed Red Winter, of the Red Winter Trilogy, by Annette Marie. It’s a Japanese folklore inspired fantasy, set in modern Japan, and follows a young miko and the kitsune that owes her a debt. You can check out my entire review here.

What’s in store for next week? I certainly don’t know, though I’d like to do another Majestic Monday, a couple book reviews, a retrospective review, and something else!

What have you guys done this week? How many books did you read, if any? What did you think of them, if you did?

As usual, thank you all very much for reading and join me next time for more bookish things! Have a wonderful day/night!

~ Mar ~

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