One Year of Book Blogging

So, the day has finally come. It’s finally been a year since my first post here on my little reading blog.

Happy 1st Birthday to the blog, I guess! 🎉🎁🎈🎂

It feels like so little time, yet so much time has passed simultaneously. I can’t believe it’s really already been an entire year. So many things have changed since the last October 18th, the least of which being it was on a Tuesday last year. So many things are different… yet so many are still the same.

I’m honestly struggling a bit on what to say here. I just can’t think of much, unfortunately. I don’t know why.

Well actually, there is definitely one thing that I know I want to say.

Thank you so much to everyone who has followed or read my blog posts. Even if it was just one book review – thank you from the bottom of my heart! It means more than you know. I don’t know how many of you are real or robot (or some kind of scam), but seeing any and all notifications always makes my days a tiny bit brighter.

I guess the only other thing I can think of to say is, here’s to another year of books and book reviews! The second of many, hopefully. 🍻🥂

As always, thank you again so much for reading, and I hope you all have an absolutely perfect day/night!

See ya ~Mar

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